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A wedding is understandably a very momentous occasion in a couple’s life, as they are joining their lives together and embarking upon an amazing new adventure. It is no wonder that marriage is one of the most highly celebrated occasions in life, and that wedding celebrations are all about creating wonderful memories–not only for the happy couple, but for all of their guests as well. So how exactly do you bring about an amazing wedding celebration? The simple answer is by making it uniquely personalized.


Uniquely Personalized Weddings

Most wedding planners would readily agree that creating a memorable event is all about attention to details. This begins with finding the absolute perfect venue for your wedding, which can actually be a tricky proposition. Long before your engagement, you may have begun to formulate a vision about what your ideal wedding venue would be, perhaps even partaking of resources like The Knot venues for inspiration. However, if you restrict your search to only the venues you think you want, you may ultimately find it incredibly difficult to locate a venue that suits all your needs. Instead, spend time researching all wedding venues in MA as well as all Boston venues, so you better understand what options are available to you. It’s just possible that while you may have had your heart set on an elegant indoor wedding, you will discover an absolutely incredible outdoor wedding venue that you fall head-over-heels in love with.

Once you have selected the perfect wedding venue, it is time to make it uniquely personalized. So how can you preserve the beautiful elegance you desire while also making your own style shine through? Take a moment to consider the many different weddings you have been to or seen photos of. While they may all have their own unique styles, they likely all have one thing in common: a tiered wedding cake. True, it may boast different colors, different sizes, different styles and different decorations, but it’s often always there. Tradition and symbolism can be all well and good–but this is your wedding and your wedding dessert–you should take the time to make it whatever you want it to be.

Before you become overwhelmed with all the possible dessert options out there, here are some tips for creating fun, personalized wedding desserts that are sure to turn heads and create sweet memories:

● Consider using a family recipe. When you use a favorite family recipe for your wedding dessert, you will not only share a special food memory with your guests, but you will also give your wedding celebration a more intimate, comfortable, family-like feeling. Most of your guests will never have enjoyed the exact same dessert before, which adds a particularly unique flair to your wedding that truly cannot be found anywhere else.

Robin Garner
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● Consider using dessert to tell a personal story. Everyone loves to hear the sweet details of a couple’s relationship–and you can use your wedding dessert to tell them. Perhaps you enjoyed locally-made ice-cream on your first date, or shared a delicious chocolate torte the night you became engaged. Sharing this dessert with your guests, along with a framed written version of the story behind it, can make them feel more connected and the occasion more uniquely personalized.

Robin Garner
Robin Garner Photography

● Consider showing your story. If you really love the tradition of a tiered wedding cake, you can still make it uniquely personalized by using it as a backdrop upon which to show your story. A plain cake covered in white fondant makes a perfect canvas upon which to play a slideshow of favorite photos from your relationship.

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Angelina Rose Photography

● Consider asking your guests to choose the dessert. Generally speaking, guests expect to be offered very few opportunities to make choices at a wedding. They choose whether to attend, with whom, and sometimes are permitted to choose their meal. However, allowing guests to feel more included in the celebration can sweeten the experience and memories for all. You can ask your guests to share their favorite dessert recipe, or even make a choice from pre-selected options. Not only can this make your wedding dessert unique, it can give you an opportunity to see what dessert choices are more preferred, and therefore will not be wasted.

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There is no arguing that your wedding celebration is all about you and the amazing life journey you are embarking upon. So why not make it unique and absolutely unforgettable?


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