Don't Worry Beautiful!

You’ve heard all about runaway brides, second-guessing grooms, and wedding day nerves gone awry. What a disaster. All that time and money spent for what? A day cluttered with concerns and clammy hands? NO THANK YOU! How about enjoying your vows, delighting in the first dance, and taking in the spotlight without a turning stomach? Irritable brides and grooms cause grief for all- guests included! Those closest to you anticipate seeing you at your happiest on your wedding day, not riddled with fear. 

Here are some calming, realistic reasons why you should be worry-free on your wedding day:

You look great! Your guests think you look so fabulous they brought their own cameras to catch you in action. Revel in their compliments- they mean it! Your trusted stylist has twisted your hair into a gorgeous updo, your makeup is perfection, and your dress has been altered to fit you like a glove. You’re glowing and it shows. When you look back on the snapshots of your day, we know you’ll be satisfied.

Your wedding day is just that…YOUR wedding day. That means everything you say goes. Believe us, this opportunity doesn’t come around very often. You’ve handpicked the people who surround you, the food in front of you, and the colors that decorate the venue. Don’t like the song that’s playing? Tap the DJ on the shoulder and ask him to kindly change the song. He won’t mind; he’s there to play the music that puts you in a good mood. Your wedding day is a day to enjoy, and you’re in control.

You didn’t make this decision alone. At least one other person decided getting married was a great idea too. Besides, we have a sneaking suspicion all those people watching you tie the knot support you as well! Chances are they aren’t going to protest your nuptials if they agreed to dress up, drive to your location, gift you, and wish you well.  No, we are pretty certain they will be watching excitedly as you become a married couple right before their eyes.

You’re starting fresh. After your vows have been said, you’re officially a married woman. Your marriage announces that you’re beginning a new chapter in life. You have a person to live and grow with for the rest of your life, and you’ll never be forced to feel alone again.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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