Another Confusing Wedding Tradition: The Bridal Veil

This week we’re wondering: Why does the bride wear a veil?

Back in June, we took a stab at explaining the confusing world of bridal veils with So Many Lengths So Little Time.  In the end, we had to pat ourselves on the back for breaking down each veil length one by one and sharing some of the best we’ve discovered to date. This week we want to take you back to the topic of veils, but this time with a historical spin.

Before we kicked off our research, we truly had no idea why bridal veils existed, but their longstanding popularity proved they were more than just a trend, and so we set off to learn more.

With a little searching, we discovered the customary wearing of the veil harks back to another tradition- arranged marriages. Back in the day, a groom was often told by his family who he was to marry, and his bride was typically a woman the he had never seen before. Sadly for the groom-to-be, it was unlikely he would be given the chance to see this mystery woman before the big day. In order to curb the possibility of a runaway groom, the father of the bride would usher his daughter down the aisle and present her, unveiling the strangers to each other seconds before they were to recite their vows.

Of course the rate of arrnaged marriages has dwindled since then, but the popularity of the veil has lived on. Not a fan of this custom? Check out A Little Piece of Glamour, our blog entry on the growing popularity of bridal headpieces. We share six awesome options for the girl who is interested in exploring a different fashion route.

By: Kelly Hamilton

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