9 Cocktail Hour Wedding Themes

If you’ve gone through all the trouble of theming the rest of your wedding, why skip out on the cocktail hour? Even drink settings need a little love, and to set the scene, you need more than just a bottle of wine.

Here are 9 wedding cocktail hour themes and easy tips on how to accomplish these looks…

1. Glamorous
Channel your inner-Gatsby with a glamorous cocktail hour. Not sure where to start? Think classy attire, understated decor and a gorgeous venue. This couple hit the nail on the head, hosting their cocktail hour on the well-groomed lawn of an English manor house, complete with snow white table linens and champagne toasts.cocktail hour wedding themes

2. Beachy
Put anything in the sand, and there you have it…a beach cocktail hour! Okay, we’re kind of kidding, but truthfully, a beach theme may be one of the easiest to accomplish on this list. With the ocean as a background, not much decor is needed. Just add a few seating areas and a couple places to set the drinks, and let the natural beauty speak for itself.
cocktail hour wedding themes

3. Eclectic
The trick to creating an eclectic setting is to find elements that are seemingly uncoordinated, yet surprisingly fabulous together. Bold colors, patterns, mismatched statement pieces- they’re all encouraged! Rearrange and swap around your options until you’ve designed a funky, fashionable semblance.
cocktail hour wedding themes

4. Ultra-Femme
For an ultra-femme theme, the obvious go-to colors are pink and purple. However, if you’re not a fan of these hues, free flowing material, dainty flower arrangements and cutesy details (like the heart appliques in this photo) are perfect elements to utilize when creating this soft setting.
cocktail hour wedding themes

5. Eco-Friendly
Keep it simple. Keep it earthy. Instead of spending a stack of cash, take what you have at your fingertips and make it work. Have a table and chairs inside? Bring them outside and use them. Need a few more? Enlist a few favors from your guests. Use the sun for light, your yard for hosting and your friends for entertainment.
cocktail hour wedding themes

6. Rustic
You don’t need a splinter-infested bench and a cloud of mosquitoes to invoke a rustic atmosphere. Opt instead for chunky, cabin furniture and nature-inspired table settings. If you need a little more dazzle, add some sparkle, just make sure the unexpected detail blends color-wise.
cocktail hour wedding themes

7. Modern
Clean lines and solid color pairings are key to creating a modern theme. To avoid an overly sterile setting, add unexpected details, like this fruit alongside a bonanza tree. Remember, this look is meant to be somewhat minimalistic, with one or two focal pieces.
cocktail hour wedding themes

8. Handmade
Need to step outside the boundaries and express your inner-DIY passion? Consider a handmade cocktail hour theme. Not only will you have complete creative control, you’ll be able to take all the credit when your guests compliment the decor. This wedding utilized simplicity, gluing ribbons in the color of their wedding to white table cloths in a checkered pattern.
cocktail hour wedding themes

9. Vintage
Almost anything goes with the vintage theme. As you might expect, there’s only one qualification- that the decor on display is old…or at least looks old. Mismatched fixtures are fine, just don’t overdo it; you’ll end up creating an accidental junkyard instead of an inviting ambiance.
cocktail hour wedding themes

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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