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Of all the finishing details to remember on your wedding day, the last thing to stress over is what to give your photographer for wedding flat lay photos.

Flat lays encapsulate every bit of magic from your wedding celebration, and are a beautiful addition to your wedding album. Your photographer will snap the photos, but it’s up to you to decide what to include, and the opportunities are truly infinite.

With an unlimited array of choices, here are 8 foolproof pieces to give to your photographer for breathtaking wedding flat lays.

1.  Loose florals

Incorporating loose florals is a beautiful way to showcase the lavish floral arrangements you had on your wedding day. Your fresh garden roses and peonies will add an organic, feminine touch to your flat lays. Photographers can play around with composition and use the loose florals to fill in any empty gaps in the photos.

Bright Wedding Flat Lay
Iryna’s Photography

2.  Wedding bands and engagement ring

Your wedding bands and engagement ring embody the love you and your partner share and they should absolutely be a focal point in your flat lays. Take it one step further with a luxurious velvet ring box that ties into your color scheme.

Pink Ring Box in Wedding Flat Lay
Caroline Winn Photography

3.  Wedding Shoes

Let’s be honest, as glamorous as they are, will you ever wear your wedding shoes again??Show off your glittery heels in your flat lays! Years later, they’ll continue to revive the emotions you felt while fastening the clasp of your shoe moments before walking down the aisle.

Black and White Wedding Flat Lay
Andrew & Jacyln Photography

4.  Handwritten Vows

A gorgeous vow book is a romantic detail to add to your flat lays. Your vows signify the heartfelt promises you and your partner made to each other on your wedding day, and will have you reminiscing on the love you’ve shared year over year.

Neutral Wedding Flat Lay with Flowers
Iryna’s Photography

5.  Jewelry & Accessories

There’s immense meaning behind the earrings, necklace, and other accessories you choose for your wedding. Include your shimmering earrings, necklace, or pearl hair pin for an added touch of sophistication in your flat lays.

wedding flat lay
Kelly B Photography

6.  Wedding Perfume Bottle

Having a wedding perfume has been a massive 2022 trend and we absolutely love it!

Each time you smell the musky aroma of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, the floral scents of Jo Malone’s Peony Blush Suede, or whichever wedding perfume you choose to wear, the memories and emotions you felt on the day you said “I do” will come rushing back.

Add your perfume bottle into your flat lays to always remember the scent you wore on one of the biggest days of your life.

Not sure if you need a wedding day perfume? Read our recent blog post on why you should have a wedding perfume and how to choose the perfect scent.

Pink and White Wedding Flat Lay
In Our Image Photography

7.  Invitation Details

From the save the dates and rsvp cards, to the gorgeous wax seal and ribbon bow, your invitation details tell your love story, thus making it the perfect piece to include in your flat lays. With so many stationary pieces to choose from, your photographer can let their creativity soar with different layouts to snap the perfect photo.

Pink and White Wedding Flat Lay
The Happy Couple Photography

8.  Jewelry Tray

A vintage jewelry tray, especially a family heirloom, is an exceptional way to elevate your wedding flat lay photos and pay tribute to your loved ones. Don’t already own a unique jewelry tray that would pair perfectly in your flat lays? Now’s the time to take a trip to your local thrift store and see what hidden gems you can find!

Vintage Jewelry Tray in Wedding Flat Lay
Iryna’s Photography

Wedding flat lay photos can spark so much joy and memories from your wedding day. Whether it’s seeing your hair pin and being reminded of your mother helping you with finishing touches before walking down the aisle, or the ribbon from your invitation suite and remembering the excitement you felt after dropping that last invitation in the mailbox. Whatever you choose to include in your flat lays, incorporate pieces that have meaning to you to create special mementos you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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