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Does anyone else feel like last year flew by? As we kick off the 2024 wedding season, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming 2025 wedding trends (so you don’t have to)! We have all the predictions for details, ceremonies, attire, florals, and more!

Our Top 25 Wedding Trends For 2025: 

1. Long, textured veils are here to stay (and will be even more glamorous!)

We’re obsessed with the fun textures and styles brides have been choosing for their veils and predict major veil moments for 2025. Lace, flower appliques, textured fabric, and pearl detailing are all fun and interesting alternatives to a traditional veil!

Bride and Groom Walking Outside Trendy Veil
Meg Dunn Photography
Merrisa Caroline Photography
Bride and Groom Outside portrait at Avenir
Bella Gavini Photography

2. Elaborate, decadent cakes. 

The recent trend for couples has been to forego a cake altogether in favor of passed desserts. When couples do go for a cake, they’re going big. Like, five tiers big. This is a comeback we’re excited for!

multi-tier floral wedding cake for 2025 wedding trend
Steve Michalak Photography Guest Count: 181 GB
Five Tier White Wedding Cake
Francielle Santo Photography
Wildfloer WEdding Cake Missing Piece On Top
Anna Ivanova Photo & Film

3. The rise of hired wedding content creators (in addition to photographers and videographers.)

I mean, how else are you going to make the perfect wedding TikTok?! 

Seriously though, couples are hiring professional content creators to record footage via their cell phones to have plenty of content to create their own media with. These creators capture the raw footage and small moments that are beautiful to watch back after you’re married.  While professional photos and videos (naturally) take a good deal of time to be ready, this type of content can be delivered in 24 to 48 hours for a newlywed couple to enjoy, post, and announce their marriage! 

Bride and Groomsmen Wedding Trend Selfie
Angelina Rose Photography
Bridesmaids Selfie Wedding Trend
Good Energy Films

4. Super short ceremonies.

We’re seeing more and more couples choose a short and sweet ceremony over a longer, more traditional one. Some officiants even offer condensed versions of their services to accommodate a brief ceremony!  While this trend isn’t for everyone, we predict many couples will dedicate more time to their receptions in 2025. 

Bride and Groom Running From Wedding Ceremony
Colton Simmons Photography
Bride and Groom Waving after Wedding Ceremony
Genevieve Photography
Bride and groom RUnning
Colton Simmons Photography

5. Private vow readings.

We love the idea of adding more meaning to a first look by reading each other’s vows privately before the ceremony. If you’re not a big public speaker or just want extra alone time with your soon-to-be spouse, this trend is for you. Plus, private vow readings make for some beautiful photos!

Close Up of Private Vows Trend
Deirdre Photography
Bride and groom Laughing at Private Vow REading
Klaar Photography

6. Maximalist wedding decor.

While this might not be everyone’s style, we love seeing these over-the-top, abundant decor choices! We predict more candles, florals, and elaborate lighting in 2025. 

Bride and Groom Wedding Decor Trend of 2025
Cami P. Photography
maximalist large floral wedding decor for 2025 wedding trend
Montenegro Photography
Fireplace and Wedding decor Trend of 2025
Angelina Rose Photography

7. Switching out the classic bridal up-do for flowing locks.

The signature up-dos that come up when you google “bridal hair” are still gorgeous, but we are seeing more and more brides choose to wear their hair down for their wedding day look.

romantic bridal hairstyle for wedding trend
Megan and I
Bride and Groom Hair Down Trend
Montenegro Photography
Bride and Groom Touching Top of Head
Bold As Love Studios

8. Creative, over-the-top florals.

We’ve been seeing so many gorgeous floral arrangements in unique shapes and colors that we hope never go out of style. This is a trend we think will only get bigger and brighter in 2025!

Bride and Groom Kiss Under FLoral Pergola Decor
Angelina Rose Photography
Bride and Groom Kiss White Aisle Decor Trend
Viva Porti Photography
Top of Pergola Decorated With Florals 2025
Graham Marley Photography

9. Candid and documentary-style photography.

Some of our favorite galleries recently include candid, real moments and documentary-style photography that brings a sense of nostalgia and real romance to the photos. While we’re always here for an elegant pose, we love how this photography style focuses on authenticity and capturing each significant moment of the wedding day.

Bride and groom Blurry Photo Trend
J & J Photography
Bride and Groom Kiss Outside
Once Like A Spark
Bride and Groom Laughing During Recessional
Sojourner Media

10. Weddings as a multi-day event. 

We’ve started to see weddings transition from the traditional one-day structure to a schedule similar to that of a destination wedding. This schedule follows a “wedding weekend”, and often includes a welcome party for guests and the couple, a rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and a farewell brunch!

2025 wedding trend to have wedding weekend multi-day events
J & J Photography
Wedding Guests Toasting With Champagne
Amy Spirito Photography

11. Relaxed weddings.

This may seem like a contrast to our last point, but think about it: with more time and events to share with your guests, we predict fewer speeches, more candid photos, and less structure than traditional weddings of the past! We’ve had many couples choose to join their guests for cocktail hour after the ceremony, and the photos are so fun! 

Bride and Groom Doing a Flip
Angelina Rose Photography
Wedding Guest Doing Limbo At Reception
The Wild Awake Photography
Shark costumes to wear as creative wedding attire trend
Mackenzie Walton Photography

12. Creative wedding party attire.

We loved seeing the variety in wedding party attire this year has brought! From choosing different bridesmaids’ dresses that match a selected color palette to playing with textures, fabrics, and patterns in suits. We can’t wait to see what couples in 2025 will dream up for their wedding parties!

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dress Trend Of 2025
Merrisa Caroline Photography
different color bridesmaid dresses for popular wedding trend
Turning The Paige Photography
groomsmen and groom in suspenders
Sydney K. Andrew Photography
Mismatched Blue Bridesmaids Dresses Wedding Trend
Barren Co.

13. Luxurious color schemes. 

2024 wedding color predictions have been vibrant, and we’re loving it! 2025 will be colorful as well, but we’re predicting a shift to deeper tones and richer colors offset with metallics (especially gold)!

top wedding trend gold luxury bridesmaid dresses
Nicole Pelissier Photography
Saphire Estate Ballroom Wedding Reception Decor
Anna Ivanova Photo & Film
Black candles and gold chargers wedding trend table decor
Montenegro Photography
Red and gold wedding trend for invitations
Tammara Jade Media

(Stay tuned for our full breakdown of 2025 wedding colors!)

14. Couples seeing each other before the wedding.

This wedding trend may not be for everyone, but it seems to be gaining popularity! Couples are choosing to spend their time getting ready together before the ceremony, spending the night before their wedding together, and doing first looks with family members or their wedding parties instead of each other. While we respect the old superstition that seeing each other is bad luck before the wedding, we love the idea of taking in those special moments together as a couple! 

Black and White Photo of Bride and Groom at Wedding
Angelina Rose Photography
Bride and Groom TOgether in Wedding Suite
Pablo and Samantha
Bride and Groom in Avenir Wedding Suite
Danyel Stapleton Photography

15. Audio and interactive guestbooks. 

You may have already seen or heard about audio guest books- they come with an adorable phone, usually with a vintage style, and your guests can leave a voicemail that’s recorded for you to listen to after your wedding. A new recorded guestbook trend has arrived in the form of QR codes! These codes can be shared with guests at your wedding, and even friends and loved ones who were unable to attend, for them to leave you a photo and a message. Singed jenga pieces, custom cornhole games, and puzzle pieces are just a few other interactive guest book ideas we’ve seen! We predict creative guest books will definitely be on the list of 2025 wedding trends. 

Audio Guestbook Wedding Trend of 2025
Oksana Miro Creative
Puzzle Piece Wedding Guestbook Trend
Meredith Jane Photography
Jenga Wedding Guestbook Trend
Isles of Ivory Photography

16. Fun lighting choices.

Say goodbye to traditional uplighting! Just kidding, we would miss it too much. However, if traditional isn’t your thing, some couples have been leaning towards interesting and unconventional lighting choices, such as lanterns, neon signs, twinkle lights, floating candles, and marquee signs! We love seeing the creative vision of our couples come to life and can’t wait for a very bright 2025!

reception lighting
Cami P. Photography
candles and greenery mantle decor
In Our Image Photography
Marquee lights popular 2025 wedding decor trend
Tammara Jade Media
Romantic wedding light trend of twinkle lights and chandeliers in tent
Jess Biancardi Photography

17. Creative bridesmaid bouquets.

While the traditional bridesmaid bouquet will never go out of style (in our opinion), we’re obsessed with the unique versions we’ve been seeing! Bouquet purses, flower baskets, fans, and parasols are just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what new ideas couples will come up with in 2025! 

Megan and I
Bridesmaid floral purses wedding trend
Viva Porti Photography
Bride and Bridesmaids With parasols
Megan and I

18. Long rectangular tables over smaller round tables.

While there are pros and cons to both long tables and round tables at a wedding reception, we have seen many couples lean towards rectangular head tables, and even choose to use long tables for all guests! This European-inspired look makes for some incredible decor, and we think we’ll be seeing more of it in 2025! 

Head table Decor In The Tent
Chrissy Kites Photography
orange and black head table decor
Christian Napolitano Photography
rectangular reception tables with large floral centerpieces for wedding
Francielle Santo Photography

19. Sustainability. 

It’s been trending, and we hope it stays that way. From invitations made with recycled materials, biodegradable confetti or glitter, and repurposing florals from ceremony to reception, we predict (and hope) that sustainability will continue to be important to couples in 2025! 

One of our favorite sustainable (and affordable) wedding details? Wildflower seed packets as wedding favors! 

Plant Wedding Favors
Danyel Stapleton Photography
Sustainable flower seed wedding favors as a 2025 wedding trend
Angelina Rose Photography

20. Champagne towers. 

These aesthetically pleasing beverage pyramids have been hugely popular this year, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Some couples have even been choosing a different beverage or signature cocktail to incorporate in their towers! 

Wedding Reception Champagne Tower
Surette Media Group
Bride and Groom Sipping Champagne Tower
Megan and I
Bride and Groom Kissing Over Champagne Tower
Bay Productions

21. Uber vouchers for wedding guests.

Ride apps like Uber and Lyft have made it easier than ever to book transportation for your wedding party, and we predict that offering Uber or Lyft ride vouchers in place of booking buses or vans for events will become a regular practice by 2025. This is especially true for venues located near urban areas! 

Bride and Groom In Getaway Car
Brian Keith Media
Bride Next To Sportscar
JBrum Images

22. Couples enter their reception unannounced. 

Keeping with the more laid-back wedding trend, we’ve noticed that many couples have chosen to forgo being announced by an emcee at their reception or cocktail hour, and instead enter alongside their guests. What a cute way to see the reactions of their guests to a beautiful reception space! 

Cocktail Hour at Saphire Estate
In Our Image Photography

23. Outfit changes for everyone!

We’ve been seeing couples change their attire from ceremony to reception in a LOT of weddings recently, and even offer comfortable shoes for guests to switch into as well! We’re starting to think that there might be a new trend of outfit changes for guests in the future.  Not that we’re complaining- sometimes it’s easier to dance the night away in sweats than gowns and tuxedos! 

Brides in Second Outfit Sweats
Sarah Weston Photography
Flip Flops For Wedding Guests At Reception
Coral Compass Photo Co.
Bride Outfit Change Trend on Dancefloor
Victoria Reilly Photography

24. Avant-garde wedding gowns. 

We’re seeing a trend in gowns that look less like traditional wedding dresses and more like pieces of wearable art. While this look may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we’re obsessed with the drama and elegance of these gowns, and can’t wait to see what designers put out for 2025!

Danielle Frankel Daphne Gown
Danielle Frankel
Christie Nicole Bridal Pixie Gown
Christie Nicole Bridal
Viktor and Rolf Wedding Gown
Viktor & Rolf

25. Ice sculptures.

They say every trend comes back around eventually, and we’re not mad about this one. Ice sculptures are fun, cool (literally), and an extravagant touch to any wedding. I mean, how beautiful is this ice luge featured at a summer wedding in The Tent at The Villa?


Ice Sculpture With Limes
Amy Spirito Photography


Any of these upcoming 2025 wedding trends spark some ideas? No matter what trends you’re seeing on TikTok and Pinterest, choose to incorporate details that feel authentically you, as the trends always come and go but your wedding day is once in a lifetime!

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