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Tammie & Levan

The Villa | Madera Ballroom

“Levan and I met through mutual friends and we had been chatting for a while before our first date. We had planned to meet for brunch during the tail end of a blizzard at this small quaint place he loved. Not wanting me to drive in the storm, Levan sent an Uber even though he barely knew me. His sweet and thoughtful gesture left a big impression on me from that day forward.

Fast forward a few years later, Levan planned a proposal at the Post Office Square in Boston. Together, he and my best friend had planned a surprise for when Levan was ‘out of town’. She arranged to have an Uber drop us off on the other side of the park by pretending to put in the wrong address. She insisted that we had to cross the park to get to the restaurant and so I reluctantly did with a frown. We met during a blizzard so of course the night he proposed was also during a snowstorm. I was distracted by a man in a hoodie playing ‘Love Story’ by Beethoven against a wall of the train station. As I was trying to figure out the reason why someone sane enough would be playing the violin at this hour in the freezing snow, I spotted the love of my life, standing there with his perfect smile and googly eyes.

We wanted to get married within this year so we went on to hunt for a venue. Our first thought when we walked into the Madera ballroom at The Villa was ‘this is perfect!’ The two fireplaces at the end of each side made the hall cozy; perfect for the intimate wedding we had in mind. We loved the private outdoor ceremony area and our sales manager Ashley made us feel so welcome, we knew this was the place for us without hesitation.

I spent so many months planning for this day to go smoothly, I remember one tiny ‘oh, crap’ moment while standing there under the pergola. I had dropped off a tea pot for our short tea ceremony, but did not mention to our coordinator anything besides that fact that we would be doing a tea ceremony. When it was time for us to pour tea to our parents, I was praying that there would be hot water in the pot. I was very impressed that someone did spend the time to add hot water for us. Needless to say, the day flew by like a dream – flawlessly. We can’t thank Saphire Event Group enough for working tirelessly behind the scenes to help us create our fairytale love story that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.”

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