Would Your Groom Wear a Hat?

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Okay, let’s be honest…it’s not nearly as easy for men to accessorize as it is for women. Us ladies have an endless amount of options every where we turn, but men have to dig a little deeper when hunting for unique fashion details.

In the world of wedding accessories, the groom’s neckwear and boutonierre generally take the forefront. Will he sport a bowtie or a traditional tie? What kind of flowers will he have pinned to his lapel? Aside from these two items, guests aren’t accustomed to expect many other fashion adornments.

Yes, many grooms could care less about what they wear. However, not every groom is going to be satisfied by the constraints of traditional wedding garb, and just like you have every right to search for the dress of your dreams, he has every right to search for an outfit that best describes his personality too.

That said, sometimes all it takes is a hat to make an entire outfit. The addition of an eccentric hat to a traditional look can be a great compromise between the two styles. Just like any accessory, hats come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and there’s bound to be one out there that fits your groom perfectly.

Here are four U.S. shops that sell great hats to help get your search started:
1. Goorin Bros.
2. Optimo Hats
3. Meyer the Hatter
4. J.J. Hat Center 

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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