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Whether you agree with it or not, some people just don’t fancy the thought of having children at their wedding. It’s an undeniably touchy subject, with many people on the flip side of the argument who feel all loved ones should be included in wedding day festivities, no matter the age. Don’t worry- we’re not here to argue for either side, because we truly believe that when it comes down to it, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

First let us say there are ways to include the kids if you’re simply worried about extra costs. Serve them grilled cheese instead of steak. They won’t know the difference. A couple pieces of bread and a slab of cheese and voila! An instant kiddie crowd-pleaser!

If cost isn’t the issue, and you simply don’t enjoy the thought of having to plan for children entertainment, possible breakdowns, and spilled cake, then fine, don’t invite them. We promise we aren’t judging you and neither should anyone else. You’re planning it, you’re paying for it- its your freakin’ day! However, we thought it might be helpful if we tried to lend you some simple advice on how to deal with the situation delicately if you aren’t looking to designate a children’s table.

Tread softly, my friend. It’s best not to write “DON’T BRING YOUR KIDS TO MY WEDDING” on the bottom of the invitations. Graciously lay down the law by printing “Adults Only Reception” on the invitation. We know that some “experts” suggest making calls to the people who have children and explaining the situation, but who has the time for that? If they’re your true friends they’ll understand and respect your wishes.

Second, think fairly. Telling one family their kids can crash the party, and telling another their kids aren’t invited will almost certainly be interpreted as rude. It might be hard, but try to keep exceptions to a minimum, if at all.

Kid’s tables, kid’s rooms, kid’s meals, extra place cards and meals for nannies…it’s a lot to ask, a lot to organize, and a lot to spend. So don’t feel bad if you want to have a “grown up” day. It’s not that often you have the chance to make everything go your way, so take advantage of it.

By: Kelly Hamilton

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