Wedding Cakes Without Icing Don't Have to Be Ugly!

As long as it tastes good in the end, there’s really no wrong way to decorate a cake. While frosting and fondant typically top off these desserts, an increasing number of wedding cakes have been caught on camera without icing. But these naked cakes aren’t eyesores at all. In fact, they’re rather beautiful.

Here are a few ways to decorate wedding cakes without icing…

wedding cakes without icing
One / Two / Three / Four / Five

4 reasons to have a wedding cake without icing:

1. Less sugar and calories
2. The flavor of the cake itself will take the forefront
3. It’s untraditional look will be an attention grabber
4. You’ll have a “perfect” cake (there is no room for error, since there is no frosting to cover it)

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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