Wedding Bows: How to Do the Trend Justice!

wedding bows
Bow Tie / Invitation / Cake / Earrings / Sash / Heels / Clutch

Your mission: Take the wedding bow trend from cutesy to classy.

We advise you to embrace the bow with caution. As strong as the trend’s comeback has been, there’s a trick to wearing it well.¬†You must work to modernize the look, otherwise you run the risk of being mistaken for a young girl or an 80s flashback.

How exactly do you go about making the bow fashion forward? First, you decide whether or not it will be the focal piece of your look and determine the perfect color. The bride shown above made her sash an attention piece, but avoided a fashion faux pas by contrasting it with a simple dress. Second, wear your bow in an unexpected place. We’re going to suggest you skip the bow in the hair look. There’s a reason that look went away. Wear it on your shoes, in your ears or on your back- whatever suits your style best. Third, color¬†utilize a modern, classic colors. A bow in black is almost always foolproof, while a light pink bow borders on high-risk.

Keep in mind, you don’t actually have to wear a bow to incorporate it into your day. By all means, if you feel comfortable rocking the look yourself, go for it! But if you’d rather admire it from a distance, there’s more than one way to do it successfully.

Here are 5 ways to pay homage to the wedding bow without wearing it:
1. Dessert: Cookies, cake, pies- it’s your choice!
2. Invitations: A little bow can easily be worked into any design.
3. Chairs: Spruce up your furniture with a quick twisting of fabric.
4. Bouquets: The base of that flower bunch needs something to tie it together.
5. Gifts: Seal your momentos off with a bow!

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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