To Top it All Off

Wedding Cake Toppers Collage

Left to Right; Top to Bottom: All available on Etsy

  1. MilkTea: $160
  2. Kikuike: $140
  3. Le Petit Oiseau: $168
  4. Together Forever: $180
  5. Star House: $175
  6. The Air Castle: $100
  7. Red Light Studio: $205
  8. Tilly Biedron: $360

Contrary to popular belief, cake toppers don’t actually have to be ugly. Instead of picking up a plastic bell from your local craft store and sticking it haphazardly onto one of the most expensive desserts you will ever purchase, why not take a few minutes and do some cake topper research? Yep, you heard me- cake topper research. Sites like Etsy have hundreds upon hundreds of artists who create cute, customized little pieces of cake topper art. But hey, if you don’t feel like searching, we’re here to lead you in the right direction. You’re welcome : )

By: Kelly Hamilton

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