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Timeless Wedding Hairstyles

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We all have fashion disasters that haunt us, but some days are just too special to risk a fashion regret. Need a look that won’t cause you to cringe as look back at your wedding photographs? Choose one of these timeless hairstyles that will earn you compliments for years to come.


1. A clean updo is understated, yet beautiful. Instead of your hair stealing the spotlight, it will be your smile.


2. Keeping your hair only half-up lets you have the best of both worlds and is extremely versatile.


3. Simple, sideswept curls flatter all face shapes. Add a flower for an organic, romantic feel.


4. You can never go wrong with a chignon. This hairstyle is a go to for simple elegance. Add a touch of sparkle with a unique hair piece.


5. Gather loose curls into a ponytail at the nape of your neck to turn this childhood hairstyle into a sophisticated do.

By: Kelly Hamilton