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Choosing a wedding dress can be a daunting task for even the most relaxed bride. So how does someone who literally spends every weekend surrounded by women in white gowns narrow down her search to find “the one”?

This is exactly the predicament that our longtime employee/SEG bride Elizabeth found herself in when it came to selecting her dream wedding dress (in case you missed it, check out her intro post here!). In her eight years with the company, she has seen upwards of 500 gowns come in and out of our venues. Instead of stressing about the sheer amount of options available to her, Elizabeth chose to harness her knowledge of all things wedding gowns into a clear plan of shopping for and ultimately choosing her perfect dress – which of course she had to share with you, our readers!

Unfortunately, we can’t give away too much of the wedding dress as she is keeping it under wraps until the big day, but you can read on to learn more about her process of finding her ideal gown. Don’t forget to check back for the big reveal later this summer!

Disclaimer: Not THE dress 😉
Going into wedding dress shopping, did you have a style in mind for your big day?

Elizabeth:I had a pretty good idea that I wanted a long train, lace, and straps, but other than that I was open to different styles! After witnessing so many gowns over the years working weddings with Saphire Event Group, I have definitely seen pretty much every different kind of dress out there. However, I wanted to keep an open mind and find the perfect gown for me!”

How did you decide where to go to pick out your dress?

Elizabeth: “I went to Chryssie’s Bridal in Canton, MA because two other SEG employees got their gowns there when they were engaged. It’s a smaller boutique and the only place I went to! There are definitely pros and cons to a smaller boutique vs. a larger wedding dress supplier. If you go to a larger store or online, your options are pretty limitless as far as the styles you could choose from, plus there are resale websites where you can find a very expensive dress for a fraction of the price. For me personally, I really appreciated the individual attention that comes with going to a smaller shop like this.”

Who did you bring with you to pick out your dress and why?

Elizabeth: “My mom and dad! They are the two people in my life I trust the most. My dad also loves watching Say Yes to the Dress so he considers himself something of an expert in the area of picking out wedding gowns 😂 They live in New Jersey, so I was really happy that they were able to make the trip up to be there with me and make this very important decision.”

How many dresses did you try on? Did you stick with a certain style, or try different options?

Elizabeth: “The first time I went to Chryssie’s is the same day I decided on my dress! I think I tried on about twelve dresses and kept going back to the one I finally choose. I wanted to try out a few different options but I just kept thinking about that one. It sounds so clichéd, but what everyone says is true – when you know, you know!” 

How did you know when you found “the one”?

Elizabeth: “I’m usually pretty decisive and know what I want! When I put on my dress, I immediately loved all the lace and detail. It just felt right, and I could easily picture myself walking down the aisle in it at Saphire Estate!

Did rescheduling your wedding have any impact on your dress, alterations, etc.?

Elizabeth: “Since my wedding was originally scheduled for June of 2020, my dress was ordered prior to the pandemic and I had already had one fitting at that point. Currently, my wedding dress is sitting in my closet (where it has been living for over a year now 😕). I wanted to keep it safe with me, so I chose to pick it up as opposed to leaving it at the shop. I am now scheduling my final fittings, so I’m excited to see my dress again – I didn’t want to look at it too much over the last year because it kind of bummed me out. Now I’m reminded all over again why I fell in love with it!”

What advice do you have for brides when it comes to selecting their own wedding dress?

Elizabeth: “When it comes to shopping, I would say it’s best to keep your group to a small size. Too many opinions can be completely overwhelming. I’d say here it’s all about quality over quantity! Just keep it to one or two people who you really trust their opinions, who know you and what you like, and are going to be supportive no matter what dress you choose. Also, make sure whoever you bring with you to your final fitting pays attention and learns how to work your bustle. We have seen so many brides lose precious time with their guests because of a rogue bustle that no one seems to remember how to put together (good thing our staff is expert bustlers 💁🏻‍♀️). Little things like that that can save you a lot of frustration on your big day!

As always, thank you to Elizabeth for sharing her experience with us first-hand, and check back soon for the next installment in our #SEGplanwithE series!

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