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Rain, rain go away, perhaps you’ll be singing a different tune after reading this blog. While most couples tend to wish for sunshine on their wedding day, we are here to stop the panic if your wedding forecast does not look favorable. If the old sentiment, it’s good luck to rain on your wedding day, is not enough to convince you not to freak out, keep reading.

Spring wedding ideas

With all the trees and flowers in bloom, spring is the perfect time for new beginnings, new chapters, and therefore the perfect time for a wedding. With the chills of winter fading away, the welcoming warmth of spring can be very appealing. While spring is known for its blossoming beauty, it’s also known for its showers. Don’t let a rainy forecast get the best of your wedding day plans. Our number one suggestion is to make sure your spring wedding ideas do not center solely on sunshine.

Rainy wedding day prep should be done no matter what season you plan to say your “I do’s”. Having a stunning umbrella on hand will have you “covered” (pun intended) in both rain or shine. Whether you are sheltering yourself from the raindrops or the glare of the hot sun, a gorgeous umbrella makes for beautiful wedding photos. You can go all out and have one personalized with your wedding monogram or just keep it simple with a clear bubble umbrella.

rainy day wedding prep
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Rain Boots:
Who doesn’t love a fun pair of rain boots? One of our favorite spring wedding ideas is to gift your bridesmaids a lovely pair of rain boots. From floral patterns to polka dots, these are a gift that keeps on giving. If the skies open up during your bridal party pictures, trade high heels for Hunters and embrace the puddles. If your day is filled with sun, no worries, your ladies will be sure to use these for years to come following your big day.

Rainy Day Wedding Prep

While some things, such as personalized umbrellas, need to be ordered in advance, there are other rainy day wedding prep suggestions that you will not need to worry about until the 10 day forecast is out. Once the realization that rain drops will be joining in the celebration has occurred, you’ll want to reach out to several of your vendors to be sure everyone is aware and prepared.

If you planned to have an outdoor ceremony or reception, you’ll want to triple check that there is an indoor backup plan at your wedding location. If you have selected a venue with years of wedding experience, this will be like second nature to their veteran staff. Most venues in MA, such as The Villa, offer both indoor and outdoor spaces and will be ready to move your outdoor ceremony inside the day of your wedding without skipping a beat.

rainy day wedding prep
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Seasoned Wedding photographers know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to capturing photos in the rain. None the less, reaching out to your photographer to chat about their rainy day plan is always a good idea. Just because there is rain on the radar does not mean you have to take all your photos indoors. This is where the trusty umbrella comes into play. Especially at night, and when using proper lighting, your photographer can make the rain look magical. Another top wedding photo, either after or during a rainstorm, is a puddle reflection. There is something so stunning about this view and it easily makes our list of favorite photos for a rainy wedding day.

From pretty pictures with umbrellas to gorgeous gifts for your maids, there are so many fun ways to embrace rain on your wedding day. Most importantly, however, never forget the reason you’re having a wedding in the first place. It’s the joining of two people who are in love and love is present in rain or shine!


By: Dana Bates

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