Perfect Honeymoon- Planning Tips and Tricks

You’ve planned every wedding detail down to the monogram cocktail napkins. One planning detail you don’t want to forget is the honeymoon. After what will be the best and perhaps most exhausting (in a good way) weekend of your life, some quality time away with your new spouse is no doubt the icing on the cake. Not sure where to start? We have planning the perfect honeymoon covered, so keep reading!

Choosing A Destination:

Your honeymoon destination should be a place that fits both your personalities and plans for post-wedding relaxation and/or adventure. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations grouped by interest.

The Beach Goers & Island Hoppers: 

  • Excursions for adventure seekers, beautiful resorts, spas, breathtaking beaches and of course delicious cuisine. Whether you choose to hike to a local waterfall, lounge by an adults only pool or take a quiet stroll down the beach at sunset, a tropical escape will not disappoint.
  • Top Tropical honeymoon destinations: Hawaii, Aruba, The Maldives, French Polynesia
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True Romantics: 

  • It’s hard to think honeymoon and not imagine strolling down a quaint European street. Europe hosts some of the most romantic cities in the world and they certainly are not lacking in things to do and see. Rich in historic castles, monuments, art, culture, cuisine, city streets and country sides; a European honeymoon has it all. Plus for the wine lovers out there, some of the oldest vineyards in the world are found here.
  • Top honeymoon destinations: Paris- France, Barcelona- Spain, Positano- Italy, Santorini- Greece
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Adventurer Seekers: 

  • If you’re the kind of couple that craves a little activity and adventure, what better time to explore together than as a newly married couple! Whether you want to hike, bike or just explore a new locale there are a ton of amazing destinations.
  • Top honeymoon destinations: Machu Picchu- Peru, Grand Canyon Village- Arizona, Cape Town- South Africa, Vail- Colorado 

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Budgeting for your Trip

With so many wedding expenses, the price of a honeymoon can be overwhelming. Like many other couples who already live together, you might have a great set of knives and a nice blender. If this is the case, consider the newest trend in wedding registries, A Honeymoon Fund. In lieu of traditional household gifts, guests can contribute to your dream honeymoon vacation.

  • HoneyFund and Blue print Registry are among the top honeymoon fund registries specializing in fun, out of the box ideas to help reach your dream destination as a married couple. Guests can contribute to excursions, dinners, beverages, a couple’s massage, a rental car, and the list continues.

What To Pack:

Now that your perfect honeymoon getaway is booked, but now comes the real question is, what to pack? Of course what you need to bring will vary depending on your destination, however, here are some tips and tricks to think about when packing that suit case.

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  • (Try to) Pack Light: If you are queen of the “heavy bag” tag, this may be a challenge. Packing versatile pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down is key. Try to limit your shoe choices to a couple neutrals that pair well with most outfits. Another great space saver is to roll all of your clothes, with the added benefit of less wrinkles.
  • Your Flat iron is a beauty power tool! Straightening, curling, beachy waves it can do it all. Almost all hotels these days come with an in-room hairdryer, so you can leave yours at home. Headed to a tropical honeymoon? Spritz your hair with a sea salt spray for a super cute, low maintenance look.
  • Alright let’s talk toiletries(this one is for the ladies)! Three key rules to go by when packing travel make up bag is
    1. waterproof products are a must
    2. no brush, no fuss- products that do not require a separate brush are key
    3. fit all liquids into a 1qt bag

We recommend an eye shadow stick, eyeliner pencil, mascara, some foundation and bronzer. That should be just about all you need! Travel sized dry shampoo and small refillable bottles are also a great investment for confining your liquid toiletries.

The carry on:

  • Traveling outside the country, don’t forget your passport.
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated! Fying? Be sure to purchase one after checking in to avoid having to throw it away at security.
  • Snacks! Avoid getting “hangry” and be prepared with some granola bars, grapes, and some crackers.
  • Keep a phone charger with you at all times. You never know when you may need it and how long you may be apart from the rest of your luggage.
  • A good lip balm is always a must after a long, dry flight.
  • Entertainment – a laptop, adult coloring book, magazines, a good novel or some headphones can go a long way on a flight to keep you busy and stress free.
  • Put a large wrap scarf or sweater in your carry on so you can get cozy if needed.
  • An extra pair of underwear and a bathing suit. Trust us, if your luggage gets lost you’ll be glad to have these items on hand.
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When To Leave:

When looking for destination possibilities, take into consideration the time of year you will be departing as it affects availability, pricing, weather, and available activities. Consider national holidays in the country you are traveling to as some attractions may close during this time. Also, our favorite tip is to leave a day in between your wedding and your honeymoon travel day. If you get married on a Saturday, we suggest leaving for your honeymoon on Monday. This extra day will allow you to enjoy the day and see your guests off who traveled from out of town. We also see many couples hosting a brunch the morning after the big day for close friends & family. This is a great way to kick off married life and keep the celebration going just a little longer. 

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Planning Tips:

  • Look at your honeymoon destination’s main attractions before you go and make a list of what you’d both like to see. While you certainly don’t need to plan your every move, it is good to know your “must see list” so you can put those at the top of your itinerary (and pack accordingly)!
  • Research local restaurants. This is such a fun way to make your trip unique. Don’t be scared to venture away from more tourist friendly locations and embrace the local culture. A great way to find cute trendy food places is Instagram! Follow food accounts and local bloggers a few weeks before the trip to see what tickles your fancy.
  • Once you have an idea of where you’d like to go, reach out. Dinner reservations at honeymoon hotspots tend to book up fast, especially if special seating times are involved; such as a view of the Hawaiian sunset.

By: Madison Kelley


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