Are You Made to be Maid of Honor?

So you’ve earned yourself the title of “Maid of Honor”- congratulations! Accepting the position means you’ve nabbed one of the most sought after spots in the wedding party; Saying yes also means you’ve taken on a heck of a lot of responsibility. From here on out- you’re the bride’s go-to-girl. You’re expected to be there for her when she needs help picking out linens, painting the rest of her DIY favors and patting down her forehead while she nervously awaits walking down the aisle. If she’s one of your dearest friends, helping her with all these things shouldn’t be a chore. In fact, it should feel like honor. Not to sound cheesy, but really…she chose you out of everyone to help her through one of the biggest days of her life, because she truly trusts you. Nervous about the level of anticipated dependability? Totally normal.

We thought we’d help you out by giving you a heads up about what’s expected of you in the months to come:

*Decisions: Be prepared to help make a lot of them, including wedding location, invitations, decorations, favors, seating charts, and much more.

*Bridesmaids: You should probably take charge of this crew. Be their contact instead of making the bride deal with all the phone calls. You should also offer to be responsible for the bridesmaid dresses. The bride has enough to worry about with her own gown, so attend the fittings with the girls and ensure that all of the dresses have been ordered on time so that alterations can be made if needed.

*Gift Registry: If the groom doesn’t feel like shopping, be him for the day. It’s hard walking into aisles full of “stuff you might need” alone.

*Speech: Afraid of public speaking? You better get over that fear real quick, because you’re definitely going to be expected to give a toast.

*Keeper of the Goods: You should invest in a large bag or some deep pockets. It will be your job to hold on to the groom’s ring, the bride’s bouquet, etc.

*Check, Check: Make sure the bride has EVERYTHING. There’s not going to be time to backtrack, so to be safe you should probably make a checklist of all things needed on the big day.

*Keep it Smooth: Don’t let your friend be bombarded. Everyone means well, but it’s overwhelming to be surrounded by a million people right before you’re about to say “I do”.

*Fluff: Yeah you heard us, fluff. That dress needs a little poofing before it heads down the aisle. Oh, and a spot check in the makeup department never hurts either.

*Keep Your Ears Open: Your most important job that day is to make sure you’re being a good listener. More than anything, your friend just needs you to be her pillar of moral support.

By: Kelly Hamilton

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