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Jeff Leatham: A True Floral Artist

A vacation to Paris with my husband went from amazing to unforgettable during a visit to the Four Seasons Hotel George V. This was our first time to Paris, so little did we know our quest for a nice glass of wine would turn into a spectacular afternoon. As the Marketing Manager for Saphire Event Group, I’m truly passionate about the visual elements of event design. Immediately upon entering the hotel, I was drawn to the spectacular floral displays. A hotel staff member kindly took our photo in front of the vibrant arrangements and then surpassed all expectations by introducing us to the Artistic Director, Jeff Leatham. I am honored to have met such a visionary and true artist whose clientele list includes Oprah, the Dalai Lama, Chelsea Clinton, Madonna, Tina Turner, Eva Longoria and many more.


Enjoy this small sampling of Jeff’s gorgeous floral installations. For more of his iconic work and career information, head over and visit his website.

photo credit: Jeff Leatham’s Pinterest Account

photo credit: Jeff Leatham’s Pinterest Account

photo credit: Jeff Leatham’s Pinterest Account

photo credit: Jeff Leatham’s Pinterest Account

By: Dana Bates