Get Creative with Your Wedding Bouquet Wrap

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It takes more than just a bundle of flowers to make a gorgeous bouquet. When it comes to the end result, it’s the bouquet wrap that is the make or break styling element. We love simple satin ribbon and lace, but are eyes are so easily drawn to the unusual, that it was hard to ignore how many other options there are when it comes to securing your bouquet’s base.

Here are some unique bouquet wraps we were quite taken by:

Charms and Burlap
Burlap has been a hot commodity in the wedding world for some time now, but we think it’s time to spice things up a little. With a few dainty pins and a sweet charm, this burlap bouquet wrap is instantly transformed from rustic to chic.

Sequin Pin
If you follow us on Facebook or have read our blog before, then you know we are total glitter enthusiasts. So when we came upon this gorgeous wedding complete with a sparkling bouquet clasp, we were absolutely in love.

Braided Fabric
Okay, so this style isn’t far off from a classic ribbon bouquet wrap, but it is a unique take on a classic look, and we think love the unexpected twist- literally. Plus with your choice of three fabric colors, you can add a pop of color fun!

Four: Jewels
For all you glamour girls…Now you can let the flowers speak for themselves and decorate with jewels at the base of the bouquet instead!

Five – Handkerchief
What we love the most about this look is that you can make it super personal. Have an old handkerchief that belonged to someone you loved dearly? Make them part of your wedding in spirit by carrying them down the aisle with you.

Six – 
Beads can look pretty darn classy, if you ask us. Forget about those neon plastic beads you used to string on necklaces as a kid. You’re in the big leagues now!

Seven – 
Birch Bark
Keep your bouquet looking au natural by wrapping a piece of faux birch bark around the stems of your flowers.

Need a few more ideas to pan out your wedding vision? See what we’re all about here.

By: Kelly Hamilton

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