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Once you’ve selected the perfect wedding venue to say “I do”, it’s time to begin planning all the other important details of your big day. From dress shopping to invitations, deciding on your wedding colors and theme, there is so much to accomplish. One of the most exciting and perhaps lesser-known parts of the wedding-planning process is the food tasting. Your tasting is essentially a fun date night where you and your fiancé are able to sit back, relax, and taste various food options offered by your venue.

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Types of Food Tastings

There are various types of food tastings your venue may offer. The most common being a private tasting and a group tasting. A private tasting is when you and your fiancé have an appointment to sample the food. During a private tasting, you’re usually able to select the entrees you’ll be tasting ahead of time. If you have very specific menu options you’d like to try, this might be the best option for you.

A group tasting is where many couples come on the same evening to sample the food. This type of food tasting operates more like a wedding and will usually have a menu chosen by the venue based on the popularity of certain items. There is a much larger variety of food served at a group tasting, so you’ll have many more options to sample. We love group tastings here at Saphire Event Group, as they truly give you the opportunity to experience your venue in action prior to your big day. At Saphire Event Group, we offer both types of tastings, but highly recommend our couples attend the group tasting.

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While it’s nearly impossible to try every item your venue may offer, a group tasting will provide a great selection of the venue’s most popular dishes and the chef’s specialties. You might arrive to find that they’re not serving the exact items you’re considering for your wedding night. Don’t fret, the main purpose of a food tasting is to get a sense of the style, quality, and presentation of the food while enjoying the upbeat atmosphere of an event. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to experience menu items you may not have otherwise considered.

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Food Tasting To-Do’s

Save your appetite. There will be copious amounts of food, from hors d’oeuvres to stationary displays, and even some plated entrées; you’ll absolutely want to have room to try it all.

Take plenty of notes and photos. As you’re trying different selections, taking notes of what you liked and what you might want to include on your wedding menu will help keep you organized. Remember, you’ll be trying so many different things, you’ll definitely want to document your favorites.

Ask questions. Your venue should have plenty of staff on hand to answer any questions you may have. You might love an entrée, but wonder if you could change the sauce, or perhaps you’d like to know how something is presented to a larger group. All are great questions that can be answered at the group tasting.

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Schedule a menu meeting with your wedding producer/coordinator. You’ll want to schedule a meeting to make your final selections soon after the food tasting. This will ensure your favorites are still fresh in your mind.

Have fun! A food tasting is essentially a date night at your wedding venue, eat, drink and have a great time!

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