The Cake is Good, But Why Are You Feeding it to Me? | SEG

This week we’re wondering: Why do the bride and groom feed each other the first piece of wedding cake?

Turns out we can thank the Romans for all the flattering pictures of brides and grooms feeding each other wedding cake.  According to the toga-wearing partiers, a couple eating the first piece of cake together instills a special bond between the two and symbolizes a mutual promise to provide for one another. Additionally, the Romans believed that the wheat used to bake the cake promised fertility and its sugar brought sweetness to the union. In fact, they believed the bride and groom wouldn’t have children if they skipped the cake cutting!

These days we aren’t so superstitious. Many couples chose to take an alternative route to cake feeding, instead favoring chocolate dipped fruit, mini-doughnuts, etc. In the end, the sentiment is the same. You’re still shoving food into each other’s faces as a sign of true love.

Would you skip the tradition at your wedding? Weigh in! (Hehe)

By: Kelly Hamilton 

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