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A wedding is a very special, very meaningful event that marks the beginning of a wonderful new life chapter. At your wedding, you and your fiancé will stand up before close family members and friends to join your lives and step into an exciting new future together. Since this is definitely one of the most highly celebrated occasions in life, it is no wonder that will you spend a lot of time planning and preparing. You likely spent many hours searching through lists of the best wedding venues in Boston, including all of the most unique Boston wedding venues, before settling on the perfect venue that meets all of your needs and will contribute to a wonderfully memorable experience.

The Saphire Villa and the Saphire Estate are two of the most highly-esteemed Boston, MA wedding venues, specializing in creating stunning, unique wedding events in a variety of themes and styles.  Whichever located you’ve selected to host your wedding, you and your guests will be sure to have a fantastic experience. You can further enhance this experience by hosting your pre-wedding events in similarly fitting locations.

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Pre-Wedding Events

Pre-wedding events are a special way to celebrate your upcoming union with family and friends together even before your wedding day. They often include an engagement party, a bridal or couple’s shower, and of course, the rehearsal dinner. It is not unusual for engagement parties and bridal or couple’s showers to be held in the homes of a close family member or friend, but the rehearsal dinner is an entirely different matter, and is normally hosted in a well-chosen, local restaurant venue.

The rehearsal dinner, which is traditionally held the night before the wedding, is a wonderful opportunity for the bride and groom, their families and the wedding party to spend some quality time together. The excitement of the upcoming wedding can fill everyone with happy anticipation, but the setting of the rehearsal dinner can provide the relaxed environment you and your fiancé need in order to spend some quality time with those you hold most dear. Done well, a rehearsal dinner can work beautifully to help relieve pre-wedding nerves so everyone is comfortably excited about and ready for the coming day.

Choosing the location for your rehearsal dinner can sometimes seem as overwhelming as choosing a wedding venue. Fortunately, there are a couple basic guidelines to follow when selecting a rehearsal dinner location: select a location that is close to your wedding venue for your own and your guests’ convenience, and select a location that complements, but does not overshadow, your wedding. Your rehearsal dinner is more informal than your wedding, and should provide a sort of sneak peek into the coming event.

For a wedding being held at the Saphire Villa, the Adria Restaurant and Bar, located at 436 Oak Street in East Bridgewater, is a close and convenient rehearsal dinner location, providing a relaxed, casual atmosphere that boasts breathtaking nature views.

For a wedding being held at the Saphire Estate, the Sky Restaurant and Lounge, located at 1369 Boston Providence Hwy in Norwood, is a close and convenient rehearsal dinner location, providing a casual and sophisticated atmosphere. If you select this location, please inform your Saphire event coordinator, as they can provide you with a coupon for two free meals–perfect for the bride and groom.

For either location, Amelia’s, located at 217 Washington Street in Stoughton, is conveniently located and provides both warmth and beautifully understated elegance.

Additionally, for those of your guests who are coming in from out of town and therefore looking for a place to stay, we recommend the Residence Inn in Bridgewater for a Villa-hosted wedding, and the Courtyard Marriott in Norwood for an Estate-hosted wedding.

Creating Memories

Pre-wedding events can be a wonderful way to begin creating treasured wedding memories for both you and your guests, setting the tone for the main event to come. Enjoying a lovely rehearsal dinner before a stunning wedding event can ensure that your wedding will truly be one to remember.



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