7 Fun Wedding Exit Ideas

It’s not everyday you exit an event with full fanfare and all eyes on you. Your wedding departure is not only an amazing photo opportunity, it’s the perfect way to add a little fun following your ceremony or reception. Check out our post below for some of our favorite ways to make your wedding exit unforgettable.

1. Streamers not only make for gorgeous photos, they are awesome favors for your guests.
fun wedding exit ideas streamers.jpg
photo credit: stylemepretty.com

2. Ecofettti is a snowflake-like confetti that is water soluable and biodegradable. (Aka- It’s safe for the environment and requires no clean up!)
fun wedding exit ideas ecofetti.jpg
photo credit: theknot.com

3. Flower petals are always a romantic choice.
fun wedding exit ideas rose petals.jpg
photo credit: southernweddings.com 

4. Taste the rainbow….SPRINKLES!
fun wedding exit ideas sprinkles.jpg
photo credit: theknot.com

5. Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles?
fun wedding exit ideas bubbles.jpg
photo credit: photosbymandi.com

6. Keep our wildlife safe by throwing bird seed instead of rice.
fun wedding exit ideas bird seed.jpg
photo credit: volkelimageblog.com 

7.Light up the night with some sparklers.
fun wedding exit ideas sparklers.jpg
photo credit: tumblr.com

Tell us, which wedding exit idea was your favorite?

By: Dana Bates

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