5 Edible Wedding Favors

After investing so much time, thought, effort and money into your wedding plans, the last thing you want is to have your hard work tossed to the sidelines. Unfortunately, this happens all too often with wedding favors. As adorable as that pin is with your picture on it, we’re going to assume your friends aren’t exactly dying to stick it on their backpacks. Instead of giving your guests useless clutter, why not surprise them with something they can eat or drink? Edible wedding favors are always tastefully useful!

Here are five of our favorite edible wedding favors…

edible wedding favors
Option 1:
Think homemade jam gifts are overdone? Us too. How about a little homemade hot sauce to spice things up? Guests can use the sauce on their reception meals, take it home for later or both! Just remember, this edible wedding favor is not for the faint of heart.

edible wedding favors
Option 2:Personalization makes any gift charming, and this favor idea is greatly symbolic of the coming together of two lives. Choose items that are close to your heart and upbringing. This couple gave away adorable drawstring bags filled with peanuts from the groom’s hometown and maple syrup from the bride’s.

edible wedding favors
Option 3:
For all you classy folk, wine is a popular choice. Have a few invited guests who aren’t drinkers? We have a feeling they’ll still appreciate the gift, since a bottle of wine is always a great thing to have around when it comes time to host a party.

edible wedding favors
Option 4:
Known for their unique and colorful flavors, Jones Soda Company makes their bottles just as special as their taste by featuring customer submitted photos. Surprise your guests by handing out refreshments with you and your love’s picture on it. People are bound to do a double take!

edible wedding favors
Option 5:
Sure, you may know someone who can’t stand Skittles, but an all-around candy hater? We don’t think such a person exists. Candy buffets are nothing new, but you can put a fresh spin on things by giving your guests fun bags to put their treats in. They will love the chance to pick out their own custom blend and will be able to reuse the bag in the future (eco-friendly points!).

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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