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Color is the quilt that knits all of our life experiences together. A certain shade of yellow might instantly bring you back to the sun-soaked days of summer as a kid, running around in soft beach sand, while red might transport you back to your annual family road trip aimed to hit New England fall foliage at its peak. With an endless amount of hues, finishes, and undertones to choose from, color allows you to completely customize the mood of your wedding day, from your bridesmaid dresses all the way down to your napkins.

Although neutrals like black, white, and dusty pink are making a comeback this 2022 wedding season, 2023 wedding color predictions are circling back towards brighter and bolder hues. Taking inspiration from previous Massachusetts weddings held with Saphire Event Group, we’ve created five show-stopping 2023 wedding colors that are sure to help your wedding stand apart from the rest.

Pantone’s Very Peri

Spring wedding color palette for 2023
Yours Truly Media

Looking for spring wedding colors for 2023?  If you have plans to wed anytime between April and early June, this blooming spring-inspired palette might be the one for you. Starting off with Pantone’s 2022 color of the year, Very Peri, this hue is a unique combination of both blue and violet. It pairs well with earth tones like mossy green and rustic bronze. Both blue and purple are members of the cool color family and psychology suggests that these colors bring forth feelings of stability and tranquility. Say goodbye to wedding day jitters when incorporating these calming shades.

To pair with this scheme you can incorporate glass elements, such as mason jars and vases to add iridescent sparkle, especially as sunlight dances across them. Also draping delicate strands of ivy and springs of lavender throughout your ceremony and reception spaces can help carry your colors throughout and add a delicate scent reminiscent of a breezy spring afternoon in full bloom.

Periwinkle wedding color inspiration 2023
Paul Saunders Photography
White Wedding Cake with Purple and Periwinkle Flowers
Somer by Jones Photography

Pantone’s Fuchsia Fedora

Unique 2023 wedding colors
Oksana Miro Creative

There’s a reason people often use the cliché, “pink packs a punch.”  Fuchsia Fedora is the perfect color option for the couples craving something bright and bold. The natural yellows and greens of summer and even early fall would work amazingly as the backdrop for your photographs because they’re subtle enough to allow the vibrant pink and fuchsia colors to shine as the star of the show. Since pink is just a subset of red, you can use this color scheme to showcase the sensual and passionate relationship between you and your partner. Red and its siblings evoke feelings of confidence and maturity which will help usher you into this new chapter of your life. You can also include delicate taupes for your linen choice and robust peonies for added texture.

Bold Bright Pinks wedding colors for 2023
Oksana Miro Creative
Bride and Groom Walking up the Aisle Smiling with Pink Flowers
Vera Amore Weddings

Pantone’s Gold Flake

Fall wedding colors 2023
Caroline Gilbody Photography

For those looking to add some color to their wedding yet hold onto the timeless feel that neutrals bring, Gold Flake will do just that. As a muted yellow, this color can help to liven up a space without overpowering it. This color has warm and slightly brown undertones which naturally connect to the earth and its grounding presence, overall showcasing the strong authentic bond you’re making when you say “I do.” When most people think of yellow they think of eternal sunshine and an overwhelming feeling of happiness which might ground you enough to help you focus and live your day rather than worry about the details. To take it just a bit further, you can opt out of black suits and surprise your guests with groomsmen dressed in rich navy.

Orange Wedding Color Decor with Backlighting and Marquee Letters Ballroom Dancefloor in Walpole, Massachusetts
Fournier and Malloy Photography
Orange wedding color inspiration 2023
Mercedes Baker Photography

Pantone’s Mykonos Blue

Summer wedding colors 2023
Chrissy Kites Photography

As a twist on your “something blue,” try mixing in different variations of this marine-inspired hue, Mykonos Blue. Often associated with the sky and ocean, blue can help to create a calm and airy atmosphere. This color is often styled with warm accents like peach or even blush, which can help to neutralize the iciness that this color could gravitate towards. While tradition suggests all your bridesmaids should wear the same color, this color scheme specifically gives you the freedom to choose multiple blue shades for a modern mix and match dress style. It also might be fun to play with accents of gold and bronze instead of traditional silver dinnerware or jewelry. Much like white and black, blue is a classic that will never go out of style and can work for any wedding date you like!

Bride and Groom Walking Up Ceremony Aisle Smiling
Perla Images
Wedding Party in Background with Couple Kissing and Smiling Blue Dresses and Suits
Anne Lee Photography

Pantone’s Emerald

2023 wedding colors
Sarah Murray Photography

Recently, the color green has gained popularity on apps like Tik Tok and Instagram, so why not let it be the star of your show? This moody jewel tone blends seamlessly aside camel browns and dark granites which could be perfect if you’ve selected a winter wedding date. Since this color is darker than a forest or olive green, it adds a sophisticated glamor to any venue. Mixtures of green in different finishes like satin or velvet will add texture to simple gowns and showcase the organic effortlessness of this natural hue. Imagine this color sparkling against a snowy backdrop, and even think about adding faux fur shawls like this couple did below so you don’t freeze before you get to the wedding cake.

2023 emerald wedding color inspiration
Going Home Collective
Wedding Party Cheering on Couple Kissing Winter Wedding Green Emerald Bridesmaids Dresses
Sarah Murray Photography

Much like selecting your suit or gown, deciding your 2023 wedding colors is an important step when curating all the details of your big day. Even if you typically shy away from color in your day-to-day, it might be time to switch things up as you begin this new chapter of life with the love of your life! Since this is your day, you and your partner can get creative researching colors and the emotional effects they bring to ensure your wedding represents you as a couple. As for the rest of the planning, like selecting your venue (SEG has three South Shore Boston wedding venues), your menu, and your DJ, leave all that up to the professionals. (Wink, that’s us!) 

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