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Are you in the process of planning your wedding and wondering what to tackle next after selecting the date, venue, and guest list? Look no further because Saphire Event Group is here to show you some of our favorite ways to add personality and pizazz to your big day. Since we are approaching peak wedding season, it seems as though there’s always a wedding to attend,  whether that be for a college friend, a distant cousin, or a coworker. Most weddings follow the same schedule: ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception so guests are not usually left wondering what’s going to happen next. But you have the chance to change the status quo and include a few of these simple and unforgettable wedding ideas that your guests may have never seen before. 

Live Ceremony Musicians

Imagine the surprised faces of all your guests when they walk into your ceremony space and see a live band or musician positioned close to the center aisle. Using real people to perform your selected song instead of simply playing it through some speakers is a great option for couples looking to up their entertainment factor. Incorporating live music adds a magical concert-like effect to your ceremony which will only create more excitement as your friends and family await your walk down the aisle. Past SEG couples have hired pianists, violinists, or even harpists for this special occasion. 

Having a Harpist is an unforgettable wedding idea
Jason Corey Photography
String quartet plays live during Wedding Ceremony
Lynne Reznik

Live Wedding Painter

Similar to the idea of a live musician, a live painter can entertain guests while also creating a  unique keepsake for you to cherish. While photographers are necessary for snapping pictures,  a live artist can capture small details the camera may miss. In just a short period of time, small brushstrokes on a canvas transform into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. With a long list of art styles to chose from: abstract, realism, or impressionism, you can completely customize this keepsake to your own personal style while spotlighting and supporting a local artist.  

Live Wedding Painting is a very unique and unforgettable wedding idea
Samantha Robshaw Photography

Intimate Vow Reading or Letter Exchange

If you and your partner decide to write your own vows you might want to share them in a more intimate setting away from the pressure and peering eyes of your guests. No one has to know what you say to each other so you can write as truthfully as you wish. A first look with your partner is the perfect time to include this idea. Talking to your partner before the ceremony will help calm any nerves and unintentionally shorten your ceremony time. If you want to save the vows for the ceremony itself, you can try writing short letters to each other for you to read during the getting ready process. 

Groom Reading Vows Privately Before Ceremony
Christian Napolitano Photography
Bride and Groom First Touch Reading Letters before Ceremony
Lindsey Mae Photography

Personalized Guest Book

Who says your guest book has to be a physical book? While a book is traditional, they are not very useful and may end up collecting dust. You can use this opportunity to create a unique conversation starter to display in your home. Each day when you walk by it you’ll be reminded of that special day instead of only reminiscing when someone remembers to take the book off the shelf. Some other unforgettable wedding ideas include having guests sign a personalized frame, a globe, or large corn hole boards. We love the idea of using a rotary phone to record messages from guests so you can hear their voices anytime you wish. 

Unforgettable Guestbook Idea Custom Cornhole Board with Guests Signatures
Sarah Murray Photography
Unforgettable Wedding Guestbook Idea with Telephone Messages
Coral Compass Photo Co.

Neon Signs or Marquee Letters

To add a pop of color to any room, neon signs can help you add emphasis to a certain word or phrase. They are completely customizable in terms of color, font, and size which means you can make them work for any venue or wedding theme. Smaller signs can make a great addition to any space including displayed above your sweetheart table or pinned against a photo wall,  while larger letters can take up unused space in a big reception room or sit perched outside near the venue entrance.

Marquee Letters Spelling Love near Bar with Bride and Groom Smiling
Yimotion Photography
Bride and Groom Kiss Under Last Name Neon Sign
Nicole Marcelle Photo

Signature Cocktails

Most people have a favorite alcoholic drink that could be sangria, a martini, or a locally brewed  IPA. Choosing a few signature drinks to serve instead of offering an open bar is a great way to cut costs but still allow those the opportunity to drink if they want. You can learn a lot about a  person based off their cocktail or beer of choice so this is a very easy way to let guests learn a  little more about you. You can go simple and serve the drinks using their popular names or some couples choose to add a bit more personality by naming them after pets or fictional characters.  

Signature Cocktails are an unforgettable wedding idea for your wedding
Once Like a Spark
Bride and Groom's Cats as Signature Cocktails
Jason Corey Photography

Photo Booth

Photos booths are a great way to get your guests up and moving instead of staying stuck in those dinner chairs. For those that don’t enjoy dancing this is another opportunity for guests to mingle together and partake in an activity during your reception hours. You can include fun props like hats, masks, and signs to encourage everyone to relax a little and be silly. Plus, the guests will get these photos instantaneously which can double as their party favor. 

Bride and Bridesmaids Using Photo booth with props and masks
Photography by Marcia
Unique Guest Book with Props and Polaroids
Janelle Carmella Photography

Yard Games

During your cocktail hour, or even for the stragglers that stay until the very last song, yard games provide friendly competition and another activity for those who aren’t keen on the dance floor. For larger guest-lists that include extended family this is the perfect opportunity to get those from both sides acquainted. It can give you and your wedding party a few more minutes for pictures by distracting people from the thought, “when is dinner going  to start?” Previous SEG weddings have incorporated corn hole or giant Jenga. Even if you aren’t a fan of games, we recommend having separate spaces outdoors (depending on your venue) where guests can relax by the fire and chit-chat. 

Bride and Groom Sitting Outside at Villa Tent by Fire
Stephanie Vegliante
An unforgettable wedding idea is setting up yard games like Jenga
Jason Corey Photography

Remembrance Table

If you have friends or family that have passed on, think about adding a remembrance table somewhere to honor their love and spirit. This is a sentimental way to “save a seat” for them so they can see all the wedding day nuptials front and center. You can display their photos in frames so guests get the chance to see their beautiful faces even if they’ve never met the person before. While a remembrance table is better suited for a reception space, you can also reserve chairs in the first row at your ceremony and place their name, a picture, or a keepsake to represent them. 

Chair Saved at Wedding Ceremony for Loved One that Passed Away Remembrance
Eloquent Images Photography
Remembrance Table as Reception Decor
Katrina Bernard Photography


Pets are a very important part of any family and it’s understandable you would want to include them during your big day festivities. They can participate in a few ways like trotting your rings down the aisle (with a little bowtie collar of course!) or wagging their tail in all your group photos. Including pets in the weddings at our MA wedding venues is one of our favorite unforgettable wedding ideas! We can accommodate our couples’ dogs if the ceremony is outside and properly handled by someone in the wedding party. They also must have a safe place to go (away from the venue) once the reception starts as they are not allowed inside. Overall, furry friends and their adorable faces can bring joy to all those in your wedding party even if they’re only involved for a short period of time! 

Bride and Groom Smiling after Wedding Ceremony with their Dog
Anne Lee Photography
Bride and Groom including their Dog for a unforgettable wedding idea
Lauren Dobish Photography

Fancy Cars

Being whisked away from the reception in a fancy car after a jam-packed day can feel both luxurious and glamorous. If you have a little extra money in the budget and want to really give your guests the “wow factor” you should consider renting an expensive or vintage car to use for photos and possibly transportation. Some couples have opted for vintage Ford Mustangs or Rolls Royces which can add an old Hollywood vibe. Some couples, like those who work in fire rescue or law enforcement, have commissioned a squad car or fire engine to take pictures around which is not something your guests see at any old wedding.

Firetruck With Smiling Groom at Avenir Walpole, Massachusetts
Brian Keith Media
Bride and Groom Kiss Next to Vintage Mustang
Shawon Davis Photography

Well Wishes or Advice Jars

Help your guests leave a lasting impact on your relationship by adding advice or wish jars to ceremony tables. You can prompt guests to write a funny memory, give their best piece of  advice, or brainstorm date night ideas that you can read years after you two have said “I do.”  This is another lasting keepsake that you can pull out anytime you need and has no expiration date. If you want to opt out of a guestbook, this can take its place.

Wedding Guests Give the Couple Date Night Ideas
Christian Napolitano Photography
Well Wishes Written by Guests is a wedding detail that is unforgettable
Vero Amore Weddings

Although most weddings follow the same order of events, they don’t have to be repetitive and cookie-cutter. Small touches here and there can like these unforgettable wedding ideas work to showcase quirky parts of your personality and allow all your guests to feel like part of the family. Whatever you’re planning to add to make your day special, the team members at our Massachusetts wedding venues are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. 

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