10 Easy Themes for Your Engagement Photos

Rewind a few years, and your online search for engagement photo sessions would be somewhat limited. Couples were concerned with perfect wedding day photographs, not pre-wedding snapshots. Though not all couples can afford the luxury of an elaborate photo shoot, for those who can, the options are endless. Our favorite facet of these sessions? They allow for endless creativity and aim to express the couple as more than a black tux and white gown.

We’ve named 10 easy themes for your engagement photos and given you examples and tips on how to achieve the looks.

engagement photos
1. Glamour:
A little shine, formal attire and an expensive-looking location makes for a day of alluring photographs. All eyes will be on you as you bring the wow factor to the eye of the camera.

engagement photos
2. Vintage
Photo sessions with a vintage theme are just plain fun. Dress up and props are encouraged, and you can always put an updated spin on the good ol’ days.

engagement photos
3. Beachy
People have weddings on the beach, so why not have a photo session there? We’ve seen everything from bathing suits to gowns matched against the sand, and we have to say, the ocean has a funny way of making everything look better.

engagement photos
4. Eco-Friendly
There’s something very romantic about two people in love exploring uncharted areas together. You don’t have to pose in hiking boots; balance the beauty of a gorgeous outfit with a striking outdoor setting.

engagement photos
5. Homemade
Does your home describe you better than any other place on earth? Have a photographer observe you in your most natural setting; your comfort level will translate through the lens.

engagement photos
6. Ultra-Femme
You know the saying “Real men wear pink”? The phrase applies pretty well to these photographs. If you’re a lover of the color and your guy is willing, why not have an ultra-femme photo theme?

engagement photos
7. Rustic
The nice thing about rustic photos is that they don’t necessarily have to be taken outdoors to feel a bit countrified. Put simply, this theme is all about the proper mix of glamour and nature.

engagement photos
8. Eclectic
This is one of our favorite themes, because it allows for complete creative license. Couples can work with their photographer to make their craziest ideas look fantastic.

engagement photos
9. Modern
Most often minimalistic, modern photographs like this one contrast the joy of the couple against oblique city canvases, in turn emphasizing the human element. We love that all the attention is driven to the subjects rather than the background setting.

engagement photos
10. Whimsical
A little whimsy never hurt anyone, and fairies don’t have to be flitting around to set the scene. Soft lighting and ethereal elements instantly evoke a feeling of romance.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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