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Dana Bates Dana Bates 6 years ago
Photo Credit: Aurora De Luca Though we are lucky enough to see hundreds of happy couples wed each year, we know not everyone has this chance. So when you get a wedding invitation in the mail, it’s possible your first thought after “Aw! How cute!” is “What the heck am I supposed to wear?” There’s always room to put your own unique spin on an outfit, but here are some basic guidelines to steer you i ...

Fabulous Shoes for Fabulous Brides

Dana Bates Dana Bates 6 years ago
Every woman loves a fabulous shoe, and on one of the biggest days of her life, a woman deserves the most fabulous shoe of all. This means not having to stick to any rules or worry about old traditions. Love sequins? Wear bright blue shoes that sparkle. Prefer a sweet kitten heel the color of sunshine? Slip them on. You know what they say, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” By: Kelly Hamilton

Love Gets a New Color- Green

Dana Bates Dana Bates 6 years ago
Eco-friendly weddings are becoming more and more popular by the day, and why not? Throwing an earth conscious wedding is not only creative- it’s also something to brag about. While other invites will be tossed, your invitations will, when planted, bloom into wildflowers. On your special day, food will be fresh from local, organic farmers, napkins will be compostable, and your feet will sit comfort ...

Spring 2011: All About the Brights!

Dana Bates Dana Bates 7 years ago
You read it here- Spring 2011 will be all about color and lots of it! Yes, we all know there is a fine line between tasteful and tacky, but this time around it is all about embracing the dazzle. So leave your muted purples and lackluster yellows at home. The Spring 2011 bride is all about being bright, bold, and beautiful! Our Top Color Picks for Spring 2011: Tangerine Lime Green Canary Yellow Azu ...

Does the Modern Bride Wear a Garter?

Dana Bates Dana Bates 7 years ago
Does the modern bride wear a garter? We think so! Though we don’t propose all brides be required to toss them through the air, we DO believe garters are a fun way to add a little sass to your wedding day. We’ve searched high and low to find you garters that not only look gorgeous, but feel comfortable too! Based out of England, Florrie Mitton is a designer label specializing in gorgeous, handmade ...

11 Fantastic 2011 Father Daughter Songs

Dana Bates Dana Bates 7 years ago
If you’re on the hunt for some 2011 Father Daughter songs that aren't overplayed like Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses” you’ve come to the right place. Though our choices are perfect for the occasion, they are a bit off the beaten path and perfect for someone in search of a unique crowd-pleaser. We’ve searched and spanned all genres to share 11 wonderful selections for 2011 with you! 2011 Father D ...

When Flowers Just Won’t Do

Dana Bates Dana Bates 7 years ago
On the lookout for a creation a bit more unique than a bundle of flowers? All you need to do is add a little sunshine and love to these designs to make them blossom like a real bouquet. Lace Parasol Having a vintage inspired wedding? This is a dainty alternative to carrying flowers down the aisle. A lace parasol is unique, yet flows seamlessly with your theme. Paper Bouquet Not willing to invest i ...

Top 11 Winter Wedding Trends for 2011

Dana Bates Dana Bates 7 years ago
1. Icy Invites Your winter wonderland wedding planning officially begins with the invitations. If DIY handmade snowflakes seem a little too theme-ish there are multiple other color combinations and script ideas to achieve crafty winter details. Black and white is a classic choice including sparkly calligraphy and perhaps a deep red ribbon at the top. Icy blue invitations will also dazzle guests ac ...

Making it 2 the Aisle: The Final Chapter

Dana Bates Dana Bates 7 years ago
Once in a while, love gives us a fairytale Photo Credit: Laura Solod www.rememberthisphoto.com By now you probably know that Sarah wasn’t the type of woman who spent hours daydreaming about a wedding with five thousand pink roses, a gown shaped like a giant pastry, and a diamond encrusted crown. All the same, Sarah isn’t afraid to admit, post-wedding, that she spent her wedding day feeling just li ...

Timeless Wedding Hairstyles

Dana Bates Dana Bates 7 years ago
We all have fashion disasters that haunt us, but some days are just too special to risk a fashion regret. Need a look that won't cause you to cringe as look back at your wedding photographs? Choose one of these timeless hairstyles that will earn you compliments for years to come. 1. A clean updo is understated, yet beautiful. Instead of your hair stealing the spotlight, it will be your smile. 2. K ...