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Meredith & Eric

5 months ago 0 453
"I love having a plan, and knowing that Saphire had the day perfectly mapped out let me relax and enjoy knowing nothing would go wrong."   Eric & [...]

Carly & Steven

5 months ago 0 52
"We chose The Villa for our wedding venue because we knew we needed a location that provided the full package."   Steve and I first met at our ov [...]

Cinzia & John

6 months ago 0 774
"We chose Saphire for a few reasons, but most importantly, it just felt right."   We actually met at a mutual friends house in high school - clas [...]

Kourtney & Chris

7 months ago 0 149
"I fell in love with the atmosphere the moment I walked into the Madera Ballroom."   Chris and I met at cookout through mutual friends in the sum [...]

Olivia & Jeff

7 months ago 1 3626
"Every little detail was perfect, and the whole day went flawlessly." Jeff and I were introduced to each other through my brother, Jon. During my firs [...]