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Wedding Traditions: How to Perform a Unity Sand Ceremony

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This week we’re wondering: How do you perform a unity sand ceremony?

The process is simple. All the bride and groom have to do is simultaneously pour their individual viles of sand into a joint container, called the unity vase. But why? How? When? Don’t worry folks- we’ve got all the answers!

Like a unity candle ceremony, a unity sand ceremony is all about the newlywed couple demonstrating they have officially come together as one. Typically, the event is performed during the vows, with the bride and groom opting to either stay silent or give a speech during the process.

unity sand ceremony

What we love about unity candle ceremonies is that they enourage couple-creativity. We’ve seen unity vase selections range anywhere from frames to mason jars. Remember, the container is meant to be keepsake, so make sure it’s pretty!

Couples also tend to get pretty creative with their sand choices. Most commonly, sand selections are made based on color or location. In the picture above, the bride and groom gathered sand from beaches near their homes (Ontario and South Korea) and then combined them in their unity vase. Conversely, sites like provide readers with elaborate color palette designs based on themes and color blending.

unity sand ceremony

Would you consider incorporating a unity sand ceremony into your wedding day? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

By: Kelly Hamilton