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Do or Don’t? Dogs at a Wedding

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dogs at a wedding

Including furry friends on a wedding guest list isn’t so outrageous anymore. While just years ago the idea would have made many gawk, incorporating a little loved one into the big day is now quite the trend.

Decked out in custom made floral wreaths, bow ties, tuxedos and tutus, dogs are walking down the aisle in style as ring bearers, flower girls and dogs of honor. Having your beloved pet at/in your wedding means they will be forever remembered as part of the day, just like any other guest. Their attendance also promises snapshots that capture raw, special moments and spontaneity.

Unfortunately, dogs (and other pets) are not always allowed into venues, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to incorporate them into your plans. How about customizing your save the date cards to include him/her or integrating subtle décor at the reception that reminds you of him/her? There are plenty of tasteful ways to represent your lovable fur ball, you just have to be willing to get creative!

Below we’ve listed the do or don’t reasons for having dogs at a wedding

You should include your dog in your wedding if:

1. He/she is well-trained and responds regularly to commands
2. He/she is cooperative in crowds
3. He/she is entirely comfortable with a guest being in charge of him/her giving water, walks, treats, etc.
4. You don’t mind having a dog bed or something of comfort for him/her at the ceremony
5. The thought of a little accident or mishaps doesn’t freak you out (squirrel distractions, bathroom breaks, etc.)
6. You’re willing to inform everyone before the big day and research the venue for any potential hazards
7. Practice the ceremony proceedings with him/her and train them for the big day
8. You like the idea of dressing him/her up special for the occasion

You may want to think twice about including your dog in your wedding if:

1. He/she is easily distracted or frightened by a group of people
2. You’re anxious or unsure about whether having him/her there is the right decision
3. Multiple guests are known to be allergic to dogs
4. You don’t feel comfortable leaving him/her in the care of someone other than yourself while you are getting hitched
5. You’re worried about jumping, shedding or dirt mishaps
6. He/she is quite the singer (barker)
7. You are already too overwhelmed with other wedding details to consider more specifics

After reading this, what do you think? Would you be a do or don’t kind of person?

By: Kelly Hamilton