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Perhaps you are hosting your wedding ceremony in your childhood church and your reception in a beautiful ballroom. If this is the case, many of your wedding photos will be taking place indoors. Indoor weddings can offer incredibly dramatic spaces that make the perfect backdrop for unique wedding photos. If your wedding is mostly indoors, especially during the winter months you will want to choose a photographer that is familiar with both natural light as well flash photography. Today we are sharing some tips and tricks for choosing the perfect photographer to capture stunning indoor wedding photos.

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Lighting is a key component to a great image. The use of various types of lighting and a flash is something many photographers spend a great deal of time mastering. The ability to create the perfect light even when it’s not available is key. Unfortunately, you can’t order a sunny day for your wedding so you’ll want to choose an experienced photographer with a comprehensive range of skills. This will ensure they are able to capture beautiful wedding photos in a variety of situations and locations.

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As you flip through wedding magazines or scroll through wedding blogs, you have likely seen dozens of gorgeous outdoor weddings. Perhaps you’ve swooned over the stunning photos taken in middle of fields of wildflowers with a perfectly setting sun. In these images, natural light photography is being used. Natural light has become a popular in the wedding industry and it is gorgeous, but keep in mind, you need to be outdoors, or have optimal light.

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When you are in the process of reviewing the work of potential photographers, be sure to look at photos from every part of the wedding day. Also, ask to see various types of weddings and wedding locations. Look for examples of how they shoot inside a church vs. outside in a garden. You’ll want to see pictures from an evening ballroom wedding with uplighting vs. a day wedding with large windows. This will give you a good understanding of their range and skill set and if you like their overall style.


Tips and Tricks

Be sure to discuss all the services and products you wish to receive prior to booking. You want to ensure the photographer’s offerings match your needs. A few things to discuss are as follows.

Does your photographer have a second shooter? A second shooter is important because during weddings, moments are almost always happening simultaneously. The moments themselves and the reactions to them are all worth capturing. Having a second shooter in place assures you can capture your first steps down the aisle as well as your fiancé’s reaction.

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Is a wedding album included in the pricing? Some photographers will include this in their package prices while others will offer it as an al carte option. You’ll want to also discuss the type of albums that are available and see an example of what is included vs. an upgrade. For more about wedding albums, check out our blog, Why You Must Have A Wedding Album.

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