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A Note from SEG

June 10, 2020

To call these “challenging times” is an understatement. We understand that very few moments in life can compare to the significance of a wedding day. Our commitment to making sure that a couple’s wedding is the experience of a lifetime has guided us for over forty years, and it is a reason we have become one of the preeminent wedding providers in New England. The happiness of our couples remains one of our top priorities, now and always.

Our commitment to a couple’s experience is also impacted by our commitment to the health of each and every client, vendor, and staff member and obviously, there have been some recent limitations that have prevented us from conducting our usual business. Know that we are doing our very best to serve all of our clients during this global pandemic when so much is still currently unknown. We wish we had greater clarity, but like everyone else, we are operating with a great deal of uncertainty while we try to not only provide our clients with the top-notch level of service that we are known for but to also do what is necessary to maintain the strength of our business.

To be as transparent as ever, we want to be open about some of the challenges we are facing and how we are trying to address them to be fair to everybody. We have been in direct contact already with many of our 2020 clients, and will continue to work with them directly as we navigate these uncharted waters. Recently, we have appointed one of our Senior Sales Managers to spearhead the process of handling and re-booking all impacted clients. To date, this virus has led to the postponement of over 160 weddings for many excited couples over the last fewmonths, and that is likely to continue for at least the immediate future. We hoped to get some clarification from the latest update from Governor Baker, but sadly we know little more now than we did last week. That being said, we know our couples need and want answers and a plan.

When Will Events Take Place?

Until we have further guidance or specific information regarding when we can start having events again (with or without restrictions) this is our policy regarding the scheduling of events:

For all impacted clients (within eight weeks of the current date):

We will contact couples eight weeks out from their event date. As an example:

– If their event is between 8/13 – 8/16, we will contact them the week of 6/15
– If their event is between 8/20 – 8/23, we will contact them the week of 6/22
– If their event is between 8/27 – 8/30, we will contact them the week of 6/27

During that conversation will discuss all of the re-booking options. We have dates available for 2021, so please do not worry!

For those events not yet impacted (outside of the eight-week window):

We will contact couples when their events are within the eight-week impacted window. We know everyone has circumstances, some extenuating ones, but we must go in chronological order out of fairness to all of our clients.

We are still very hopeful that we will have events this year, and we encourage all of our couples to continue planning their big day! But rest assured, if we need to, we will find everyone a new date when the time comes. We cannot stress enough the importance of going in date order to ensure we are able to handle each and every client and give them the time and attention they need.

Some Good News and Thank You

The good news is that things are looking up. Restaurants, stores, and every day life are slowly heading back to normal. We will continue to closely track the Massachusetts phases regarding reopening and will adjust the dates of our reopening plans based on any and all guidance we get from the government and through the continued contact with our clients.

The health and safety of our couples, their guests, vendors, and our staff is our number one priority in any decisions we make, however, we cannot make any additional changes to our policies until we have further guidance from the Governor. In the meantime, we remain fully committed to honoring all contractual commitments and will continue to provide updates as they become available. We appreciate your understanding as we work to help those that have been already impacted as well as trying to assist couples that are just starting out on their wedding plans. We will continue to share updates here as we receive more information.

We look forward to continuing to work with all of our couples to provide them with an unforgettable experience for their big day. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely, The Saphire Family


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During the pandemic, all information is subject to change. The statements on this page are correct as of June 10, 2020.

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