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Michaela & Nora

1 month ago 0 496
"They truly were phenomenal in making us feel like our wedding was a family affair for Saphire..."   Nora and I met through mutual friends at Pro [...]

Katie & Preston

4 months ago 0 432
"Everyone worked perfectly together to make sure our day was...Well perfect!" Preston and I met through mutual friends, Preston was friends with my fr [...]

Yan & Stephen

4 months ago 0 382
"The reason I chose The Villa, specifically the Madera Room is because a warm and intimate wedding with a romantic, slight rustic feel was very import [...]

Rachel & Jeff

4 months ago 0 373
"The mix of indoor/outdoor options at Saphire Estate was a huge sell for us!" I met Jeff towards the end of college through a friend and developed an [...]

Katherine & Zack

4 months ago 0 265
"We were looking for a cozy, yet elegant venue and we could tell that Saphire Estate was both of those things." We met on Match.com. After talking for [...]