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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Perfume

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Did you know that “67% of women continue to wear the same fragrance they wore on their wedding day?” (via tidbitfun.com) Neither did we. But this random fact certainly got us thinking about how difficult it must be to settle on a perfume worthy enough of your special day. That said, we set out to compile a diverse list of fragrances perfect for any bride searching for a scent that fits her personality.

wedding perfume
Any scent good enough for Marilyn Monroe is good enough for us. Going strong since 1921, Chanel No. 5 proves there is such thing as never getting old.

wedding perfume
Miss Dior Cherie is a feminine double threat. Not only does it smell fresh and flirty, it also looks oh so lovely in pre-wedding photographs.

wedding perfume
We are avid Sephora lovers, so if they say this Tocca fragrance is like transporting “to a seaside cafe in Southern Italy”, we believe them.

wedding perfume
On the search for anything and everything unique? Look no further than Marc Jacobs. This man has a magical way of making the mismatched seem just right.

wedding perfume
Prada is an obvious when it comes to go-to glamour, but what we love most about L’Eau Ambrée is that it’s classy, yet understated. No need to beg for attention.

wedding perfume
Alright, alright. So this perfume wasn’t made of leaves and oak, but it’s as close to nature as we could get. Plus, we love the thought of sunning in the Hamptons!

wedding perfume
For the bride who is tired of the frills, there is Gucci Rush. Packaged like an art deco piece, this scent is best described as “intoxicating”.

Would you spritz on any of these scents on your wedding day? Comment below!
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By: Kelly Hamilton